Legal Planet turns two

A year ago, Dan declared March 10 the birthday of Legal Planet. As he explained in that post, the blog’s actual birthday is indeterminate, but March 10 is close enough and having put it out there we might as well stick with it.

When we launched the blog, none of us were sure how long it would go on, how much we would have to say, or whether anyone would be interested. Since we’re law professors, it’s probably not surprising that it turns out we like to spout off about all kinds of things.

We’ve now had 1400 posts, more than 1400 comments, and over half a million page views. Not bad for a toddler. We are grateful to our readers and indebted to Areca Sampson, former administrator of Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (and now a Foreign Service Officer), who bullied us into giving the digital world a try.

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  1. I believe the new site went “live” with the new name on March 9, 2009. But the launch press release and general announcements didn’t go out until March 11, 2009. So March 10 seems like a mighty fine birthday. Congrats!

    Michael Bazeley

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