Bill O’Reilly Adopts the Precautionary Principle

Ann Coulter has written a column arguing that low doses of regulation are actually good for you.  Through the so-called hormesis effect, she says, the low doses stimulate the body’s protective mechanisms and actually produce health benefits. She was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly about this.  As Huffington reports:

She repeated this assertion to a skeptical Bill O’Reilly, who told her that, even if there was scientific discussion going on about the effects of radiation, it was the media’s job to be “responsible” and “err on the side of caution” about radiation. “You have to report the worst-case scenario,” he said, adding that there is a clear scientific consensus that “some radiation will kill you.”

“Err on the side of caution.”  “Report the worst-case scenario.” I only wish he would take the same approach to other environmental problems.

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