What Do Environmental Law Scholars Write About?

Some of our readers who aren’t in law schools  probably wonder what environmental law professors actually do. (Some of our readers who are in law schools might be wondering the same thing!).  I thought it might be helpful to provide a sample of recent scholarship.  Here are recent lists of working papers from SSRN.com, which provides on-line prepublication access to papers.

From the Climate Law list:

Expediting Innovation: The Quest for a New Sputnik Moment by Sarah Tran, Southern Methodist University – Dedman School of Law

Climate Effects of Carbon Taxes, Taking into Account Possible Other Future Climate Measures by Florian Habermacher, University of Saint Gallen (HSG) and Gebhard Kirchgaessner, Universität St. Gallen, CESifo (Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute for Economic Research)

Next Generation Recycling and Waste Reduction: Building on the Success of Pennsylvania’s 1988 Legislation byJohn C. Dernbach, Widener University – School of Law

Planetarian Identity Formation and the Relocalization of Environmental Law by Sarah Krakoff, University of Colorado Law School

The Al Gore Effect: An Inconvenient Truth and Voluntary Carbon Offsets by Grant Jacobsen, Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management

From the Environmental Law list: Learning from El Lobo: Using ‘Wolf Politics’ to Cross Physical, Pedagogical, Professional, and Policy Borders

Randy S. Clemons, affiliation not provided to SSRN, Capping Incentives, Capping Innovation, Courting Disaster: The Gulf Oil Spill and Arbitrary Limits on Civil Liability

Andrew F. Popper, American University, Washington College of Law

The Role of Non-State Actors in Climate Compliance, Eric Dannenmaier, Indiana University, Indianapolis,

Encouraging Private Investment in Energy Efficiency, Sarah Schindler, University of Maine – School of Law.

Water Security: Identifying Governance Issues and Engaging Stakeholders, Eric Dannenmaier, Indiana University, Indianapolis


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