A Threat to National Security

Many people are unaware of the problem or else in denial, but America faces a serious, insidious threat from a source known to experts as al Qaerbon.  Working quietly, al Qaerbon has laid plans to seize miles of America’s coasts, flood farms and cities, cut off needed water in dry areas, and even undermine the economies of our trading partners and promote unrest in the Middle East.  Al Qaerbon plays the long game, laying the groundwork now for harm years or even decades in the future.  Experts predict that, unless prompt and stringent action is taken today, al Qaerbon will grow in strength every year from now until the end of the century when it will literally attack our shores. And while we’re attacking the source of the problem, we also need to be strengthening our defenses.

Wake up, America!  We need to act before the cold war with al Qaerbon turns hot.  Al Qaerbon — or “carbon” as it is usually called in English — is a clear and present danger to American interests at home and around the world.  Carbon emissions threaten our climate and our society. Let’s stop this threat in its tracks, before things get out of hand.

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