Jon Van Dyke (1943-2011)

Jon Van Dyke (1943-2011)


Professor Jon Van Dyke of the University of Hawaii’s Richardson Law School died unexpectedly earlier this week.   His work extended across many fields, but most relevantly to this blog, he worked extensively on oceans issues and international environmental law.  He edited five books on these subjects: Consensus and Confrontation: The United States and the Law of the Sea Convention (1985), International Navigation: Rocks and Shoals Ahead? (1988), Freedom for the Seas in the 21st Century (1993) (which was awarded the Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for 1994 by the International Studies Association), Updating International Nuclear Law (2007), and Maritime Boundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and the Law of the Sea (2009). He also wrote numerous articles on these issues as well as extensive writing about international human rights and the rights of Native Hawaiians. We were fortunate to have him as a visiting professor at Berkeley last Spring.  He will be very much missed.

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