Bain and the Environment

We’ve been hearing a lot about Bain Capital because of the Romney connection.  I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find about Bain and the environment.  I thought I might find that Bain shared Romney’s (current) anti-environmental views, but apparently not.  Here’s what it says on Bain’s webpage:

We have worked with clients involved in all forms of renewable energy generation, fuel production and associated services. Our work is growing rapidly at over 75% since 2002. We advise clients across industries who are looking to reduce their impact on the planet.. . .

It is our goal to be carbon neutral by 2012 – the first of our competitors. We are reducing our carbon footprint through efforts such as increased use of video teleconferencing and design of green offices, and the firm will offset the carbon it cannot eliminate through four major projects and credits.

Almost all offices have reduced paper consumption, begun waste recycling programs, and reduced dependence on disposable utensils and consumables. Our carbon footprint reduction achievements include launching the green case team program which extends Bain’s impact beyond the office to actions such as carpooling, hotel use and travel, the movement to use of recycled paper – 100% in some offices, and the use of green power in its biggest offices.

Indeed, Romney has been attacked by some conservatives on the basis of Bain’s position on climate change.

Of course, you can’t necessarily judge a company’s actual conduct from the claims it makes on its webpage.  It’s interesting, however, that Bain wants to position itself as pro-environmental.  That’s rather different from Romney’s current message.

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