Bain Capital

On the Nature of “Stuff”

In celebrating National Schadenfreude Day yesterday, I could not help noticing Bill O’Reilly’s complex analysis of the election returns: “Voters want things. They want stuff. Who’s going to give them stuff? Obama.” Well.  Actually, the government has given the wealthy “stuff” all the time.  It gives them a whole plethora of specific tax breaks and credits.  …


The Bain-ality of Romney’s Capitalism

Trying to be fair and balanced, Dan says that we should be at least a little heartened by Bain Capital’s environmental posture.  I try to be fair, but in modern politics that rarely means being balanced (cue joke here), and I am somewhat less impressed. Look, I like recycling as much as the next guy …


Bain and the Environment

We’ve been hearing a lot about Bain Capital because of the Romney connection.  I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find about Bain and the environment.  I thought I might find that Bain shared Romney’s (current) anti-environmental views, but apparently not.  Here’s what it says on Bain’s webpage: We have worked …