Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Programs in the Northeast

This is the final installment in a series of posts about the public service activities of environmental law programs.  There are a lot of law schools in this part of the country; space allows the inclusion of entries from only a few of them:

  • A clinic that represents solar power companies, assists communities with climate change adaptation, and investigates fracking.
  • A website that comprehensively tracks climate change litigation and regulation.
  • An environmental performance index that measures the environmental outcomes in countries around the world.
  • A center which convened a collaboration that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector across 11 states and the District of Columbia.
  • A clinic that has worked on precedent-setting environmental crimes cases.
  • An institute that produces white papers on the improved use of economic analysis in environmental regulation.
  • A U.S.-China environmental law partnership.
  • A clinic that represents the Riverkeeper for one of America’s great rivers.
  • Participation in federal notice-and-comment rule making.
  • A clinic focusing on the areas of water quality, water rights, mining, solid waste disposal, and land use.

These four posts provide only a partial view of what law schools are doing to help address environmental law problems. The individual projects are not necessarily earthshaking stuff, but I think we can all feel some satisfaction about the cumulative impact of all of this work.

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