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Environmental Law in US Law Schools

There are strong programs in schools up and down the pecking order.

Although I’ve taught environmental law for a long time, my knowledge of the programs at U.S. law schools is pretty hit or miss. In the hope of finding out more,  I did a quick survey of U.S. schools.  The results make it clear that environmental law has a foothold at law schools of all kinds. …


500 Points of Light

How do law schools promote environmental law? Let me count the ways.

My favorite Sesame Street character is the Count.*  Like him, “I love to count Things.”  A list of law school programs in environment and energy law, recently compiled by Ed Richards at LSU,  gave me the opportunity to do just that.  Here are some of the things that I counted: 39 environmental law clinics 40 LLM …


Law Schools Doing Good

How Law Schools Serve the Public

Most people probably think of law schools, when they think of them at all, as places that train future lawyers.  That’s true, and it’s important, but law schools do a lot more.  Faculty scholarship makes a difference –law review articles laid the foundation for many of the ideas now guiding judges (both on the Right …


Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Programs in the Northeast

This is the final installment in a series of posts about the public service activities of environmental law programs.  There are a lot of law schools in this part of the country; space allows the inclusion of entries from only a few of them: A clinic that represents solar power companies, assists communities with climate …


Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Programs on the West Coast and in the Southwest

Environmental law programs on the West Coast and in the Southwest — basically, the states in the Ninth Circuit — are very active in public service.  Here are some examples: A continuing legal education program for lawyers on energy and environment. A natural resources clinic that participates in administrative proceedings before federal lands agencies. A …


Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Law Programs in the Midwest and Mountain States

This is the second in a series of postings about public service by environmental law programs.  This one focuses on the Midwest and Mountain states.  Here is a sample of current activities: An environmental advocacy center that works on clean air and water, clean up of hazardous waste sites, safe drinking water, green technology, climate …