How to Protect the Environment: Views from the Right

Duke will be holding a very timely event on conservative visions of environmental law.  Everyone knows what forms of environmental protection conservatives oppose, but conservative alternatives are less widely known. This is a welcome opportunity to hear ideas about an affirmative conservative vision. (Details and registration information here.)

The speakers will include, among others, Jeff Holmstead (EPA Assistant Administrator for Air under George W. Bush, current energy lobbyist), Nicolas Loris (Heritage Foundation head environmental economist), Jeremy Carl (Hoover Institute), Bob Inglis (President of the Energy and Enterprise Institute, former House Republican from South Carolina); Representative Chuck McGrady; and Jonathan Adler (Case Western, Director of the Center of Business Law and Regulation).  I’ve posted previously about Adler’s libertarian argument for climate action.

Duke will be web casting the event live and will be making a downloadable video.