How Worried Are Small Businesses About Environmental Regulation?

We’re heard a lot recently about the supposedly dire effect of environmental regulations on small businesses. A recent poll of small business owners by George Washington University using the Thumbtack site has some interesting findings about this.

One of the questions in the survey was, “How important are the following issues to the success of your business?” Environmental regulations ranked eleventh on the list of concerns nationally.  What about the ranking for small businesses in California, which is a national leader in environmental regulation?  Also eleventh.  How about swing states?  Twelfth.

At least if you listen to small business owners, environmental regulations just don’t seem to be the problem that some people make them out to be.  Now, if you’re talking about oil and coal companies, that might be a different matter.  But they’re not small businesses.

In terms of the reliability of the survey, I’m no expert.  But the sample size was large. This was an internet survey of six thousand small business owners across the country.  It wasn’t a true random sample, but the individual demographics and firm characteristics were close to the national figures. So the results seem fairly reliable.

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