A Resource on Disaster Law Issues

As the storm slowly passes through, there will inevitably be questions about a host of issues: the scope of FEMA’s role, the requirements of the Stafford Act, the operation of flood insurance, how private insurance might or might not apply, and so forth.  The Berkeley Law School Library has established a great website with copies of many key documents and links to many more.  (An overview of Disaster Law can be found here.) Here’s a description of the site:

This Disasters & the Law database maintained by the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law Library has been designed to assist this effort, by facilitating an exchange of information and ideas from fields as diverse as urban planning, bankruptcy law, and wetlands banking. The field of Disaster Law is proving to be a particularly rich arena for interdisciplinary study and innovation.

The Disasters & the Law database contains links to information gathered from a variety of sources. Most are freely available on the web, although a small number require subscription access. The database notes these by identifying the subscription source, such as HeinOnline, Lexis, etc. Click on a subject on the navigation menu to find links to articles, books, government documents, student papers, and web resources related to each subtopic.

Hopefully, the worst of the storm will be over soon, so the disaster recovery can begin.


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