How Climate Change Might (Finally) Affect the Presidential Race

There’s been a lot of debates over whether Hurricane Sandy and the damage that it caused in the Northeast was in part the result of climate change.  But Sandy appears to have had at least something of an impact on the role that climate change has had in the Presidential race.  Up till now, climate change has been a missing topic in the official debates and in the campaign in general.  But now, NYC Mayor Bloomberg (who up to this point had refused to endorse Obama or Romney) has come out with an endorsement of Obama based primarily on the President’s actions to address climate change, and Romney’s opposition to those efforts.  It’s not clear to me that Bloomberg actually has much weight in the states that matter most for this campaign — New York and New Jersey, for example, are pretty safe states for Obama.  But it’s the first time I’ve seen climate change take center stage in this campaign, and it’s about time.