University of Washington Young Environmental Law Scholars Workshop

The University of Washington Law School has issued a call for papers for its 2nd Annual UW Young Environmental Law Scholars Workshop. The workshop will be held July 10-12, 2013, on the UW campus in Seattle.

Here’s their description of the event:

This collegial two-day workshop features discussion of works-in-progress by ten early career environmental law scholars: professors with two or fewer years of tenure, pre-tenure professors, visiting assistant professors, or legal fellows.  We welcome submissions from the broad fields of environmental, natural resources, and energy law.

Participating junior scholars will be asked to submit an unpublished work-in-progress one month before the workshop.  Each paper will be circulated to the entire group for review and assigned to one senior scholar and one junior scholar for detailed commentary.  At the workshop, each paper will receive an hour of discussion: a brief presentation by the author, followed by detailed comments from the designated junior and senior scholars, and then a more general review by the group.  The overall aims of this process are to promote scholarly discussion and to facilitate rigorous early review for works to be offered for publication in a law journal.

Meals will be provided. Travel and lodging costs will be the responsibility of the participants. To apply, send a cover letter, an abstract of no more than 500 words, and a C.V. to Todd Wildermuth at [email protected] by March 1, 2013.

I can personally endorse this workshop because I was one of the senior commenters at last year’s initial event. For me it was a great opportunity to meet a number of exciting young scholars and learn about their work. For the juniors, it was a chance to get a lot of eyeballs on their papers, to lead a very collegial and engaging discussion of their work, and to meet other up-and-comers and some of the giants of the field (and assorted middle-aged fogies like me!). This year the senior scholars participating are UW’s own Bob Anderson and Bill Rodgers, joined by Mark Squillace of the University of Colorado, Wendy Wagner of the University of Texas, and Sandi Zellmer of the University of Nebraska. Knowing those folks, I can guarantee that participating junior scholars will get lots of cogent but kind advice and commentary.

I understand that American University will also be hosting a junior’s-only environmental law scholarship workshop on June 28-29, under the leadership of Amanda Leiter. (Amanda, if you want us to post the details we’re happy to do so — just send them along!) So you junior profs and aspiring profs, get your word processors clicking and send your abstracts off. Take advantage of these great opportunities!

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