A Follow-up on the NYT’s Environmental Coverage

Environmental journalism in decline at the NYT


Last March, the New York Times killed its Green blog and disassembled its environment desk, distributing the staff into other units.  Jayni noted the possible concern that this change might result in diminished resources for environmental coverage at the Times; she also noted the positive spin that some Times people put on the change, that it would “mainstream” environmental coverage into the Times overall news reporting.

The Times public editor has done a follow-up on the impacts of the changes on the paper’s environmental coverage, and the report indicates that the pessimists appear to have been more correct than the optimists:  A review found that the quantity of climate change coverage in the paper declined; “the amount of deep, enterprising coverage of climate change in The Times appears to have dropped, too”; no major investigative series on the environment have been published in the Times since January 2013; and no replacement for the Green blog has been created at the paper.

These results are disturbing and distressing.  Press coverage of environmental issues is a vital component of informed decisionmaking by policymakers and informed voting and activism by citizens.  This is particularly true in an area as complex as the environment.  I hope that the Times reconsiders its failed reorganizational efforts and reestablishes a primary center and voice for environmental coverage.


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  1. Eric,
    If the New York Times hopes to continue selling newspapers then it must give its readers accurate information. This newspaper has reported all we need to know about climate change and has decided to stop repeating propaganda. Many contributors to this forum once had aspirations of saving humanity from climate change but these hopes and dreams have turned to dust. Despite such good intentions you cannot offer us anything that is tangible and righteous. There are plenty of poor people in this world who need our help so maybe you could transfer your passions towards helping these. Climate change was interesting while it lasted but now it is over and the New York Times recognizes this fact and has moved on. So should you. Let go of your disappointment and open your heart and mind to truth and integrity.

    1. After further reflection, if the New York Times declines to cover environmental issues then the people of America may come to this website – Legal Planet- and get some environmental news and information.

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