The Top 10 Reasons Why EPA’s Powerplant Rule is like Obamacare

Death Panels! War on Coal!

Opponents in Congress have likened EPA’s proposed rule covering greenhouse gas emissions to Obamacare.  In fact, one called it “Obamacare 2.0”.  In a helpful spirit, I thought it would be edifying to list the similarities:

1o.  The powerplant rule and Obamacare both give state government a major role.

9.  They were both endorsed by President Obama.

8.  They both reflect intense consultation with stakeholders.

7.  Both also reflect a lot of expert input.

6.  Both favor the use of market mechanisms.

5.  Did I mention that both were endorsed by President Obama?

4.  Both were considered too cautious by liberals.

3.  Political opponents claimed that both of them would destroy the economy.

2.  In case you’re forgotten, both were endorsed by President Obama.

1.  Both are serious efforts to address major policy issues.

Yes, the resemblances are unmistakable.


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