Time to Vote! (A Gentle Reminder from the Friendly Folks at Legal Planet)

If there’s one thing that everyone connected with this site agree on — even our resident climate denial troll — it’s that environment and energy issues are important.  If you’re on one side, public health, nature, and the very future of the planet are at stake.  If you’re on the other side, it’s crushing economic burdens by power-mad bureaucrats that need to be blocked.  Either way, the stakes are high.  And there are a lot of close elections out there, where extra votes matter.

The next set of elections are not going to result in either apocalypse or salvation — contrary to the fundraising appeals I get from both Scott Walker and Joe Biden.  But they are going to move the ball one direction or another, creating momentum that may matter over the course of the next decade.  So the outcomes definitely do matter.


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  1. Dan, I know that we don’t usually have a “future of the planet are at stake” threat with elections because democracies have failed many times throughout history and we are still here, greedy and corrupt as ever and we are still here.

    But I dread the idea of oligarchs and their vassal politicians controlling the Senate in addition to the House and SCOTUS when environmental actions will be decided by oligarchs and their vassals.

    I respect you more than any other professor at Cal, but you might want to rethink your thoughts in this post.

  2. Now that the election is behind us let us lay aside our differences and come together as friends and fellow citizens. Surely there will be some hard choices that not everyone will agree with, so it behooves our new leadership to exercise discretion. A good place to start is the Keystone XL pipeline project. Most of us would agree that it is prudent stop transporting oil by railroad tank-cars which is very risky, and utilize underground pipelines which are much safer and more protective of the environment.
    Have a good day

  3. Dan, when the majority of We The People failed to vote on Tuesday, American Democracy failed.

    How can we fix that?

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