The Climate Rides Again

Support the Emmett Institute in the California Coast Climate Ride!

Regular readers may remember  Ted Parson’s Legal Planet post about his experience on last year’s NYC-DC Climate Ride. Ted described the ride as “beautiful, hard, and moving.” (Pun possibly intended.) Along with fellow riders Andy Sabin and Dan Emmett, Ted raised a ton of money for our program and brought attention to the work of the Emmett Institute and other excellent groups working on climate change issues.

On May 17, the Climate Ride will be coming to California. The California ride spans over 300 miles in five days, tracing California’s coastline from Humboldt County down into San Francisco (the final leg passes across the Golden Gate Bridge). The Emmett Institute team returns this year, represented by Drew Mayer (a 2012 graduate of UCLA Law) and Courtney Dern. They’re both proud cyclists—as Drew notes on his fundraising page, biking is fast, cheap, safe, clean, quiet, and a great way to cut your carbon footprint.

Courtney and Drew are hoping to raise $10,000 this year. Readers interested to sponsor them can do so at either of their fundraising pages: Courtney and Drew. Best of all, donations will be matched by our fantastic benefactors Dan and Rae Emmett.

Drew and Courtney
2015 Emmett Institute Climate Riders Drew Mayer and Courtney Dern.

I haven’t done this ride (I’d like to someday). Nonetheless, I’ll add a personal note. Way back before my environmental law days, I worked as a bicycle mechanic, where I provided ride support for several multi-day charity rides. I’ve also ridden in one. These events are remarkable. Over the days, the stress, equipment failures, and leg cramps give way to endorphins, camaraderie, and a sincere and lasting enthusiasm for the cause. Ted put it well: it’s a feeling “like the world might be OK.”

The Climate Ride is a particularly strong for building a community of riders. My favorite part: each night of the ride features speakers on climate change issues. The California ride will feature presentations on public health aspects of climate change, the ocean’s role in climate(!), and California bike and pedestrian advocacy.

I’d encourage anyone interested in supporting Drew and Courtney to check out the California Coast Climate Ride page, where you can see photos, view the itinerary, and find out more about the ride and the organizations it benefits.

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  1. Jesse said;
    “…….The California ride will feature presentations on public health aspects of climate change, the ocean’s role in climate(!), and California bike and pedestrian advocacy…….”

    Dear Jesse,
    As you probably know, the California ride will have no measurable impact whatsoever on mitigating the effects of climate change. While this ride may raise funds for the cause, there is nothing it could do (or not do) to mitigate and/or effect the earth’s climate in any way shape or form. It’s all rather silly but it could still be fun. Have a nice ride but remember this – riding a bicycle does not effectively mitigate climate change.

  2. Would love to do this ride next year. Please let me know when it’s planned.
    93% of the heat being trapped by climate change is going into the ocean.

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