NEWSFLASH: Kochs Cave on Climate

Humans are causing climate change after all. Who knew?

The Kochs believe in climate change, so it seems. Greenwire reports that a Koch spokesman said:

“Charles has said the climate is changing. So, the climate is changing . . . I think he’s also said, and we believe, that humans have a part in that. I think what the real question is … what are we going to do about it?”

Maybe Charles and the company (what about David??) have believed this along and just forgot to mention it. Or maybe it is a concession that the weight of the evidence is simply too strong to make denial a credible long-term strategy.

The Koch spokesman added that the company thinks the government shouldn’t pick winners or losers, so there should be no subsidies or mandates. Instead, the market should decide.

Fine. In that case, they should have no problem with a carbon tax to ensure that fossil fuels pay for their full costs, leaving everything else to the market.


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