This April Was the Cruelest Month (Or at Least the Hottest)

Once again, a global temperature record is broken.

For the seventh month in a row, the average global temperature set a new monthly record going back at least 136 years.  Rutherford Hayes was President back then, the first electric street light was turned on, and Gladstone beat Disraeli.  We’ve had 24 Presidents since then.  In other words, that was a long time ago.

As you may recall, 2015 was the warmest year on record, breaking the record set by 2014.  This year seems to be on track to break the record again.

Here’s a hypothetical. Suppose that the same thing was happening with the crime rate, with 2015 being the highest in U.S. history, breaking the 2014 record, and with seven months of record-breaking crime through this April.  How many of today’s climate skeptics would be saying the skyrocketing crime rate was just due to natural fluctuations?  How many of them would deny that we had a real problem?  Or suppose the same thing was true of unemployment — if we had the highest unemployment in American history, would they say it had nothing to do with Obama, just a natural fluctuation in the business cycle?

Wake up, folks, and smell the coffee!