Harnessing The “3 Revolutions” In Transportation To Achieve Climate Goals

Global Climate Action Summit event in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 11th, 2-5:30pm, reception to follow

Next week leaders from around the world will be in San Francisco for the Governor Brown-convened Global Climate Action Summit. The gathering is designed to showcase climate progress globally and help leaders share best practices and ideas on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the summit, many nonprofits, businesses and universities are hosting affiliate events (not part of the formal summit programming) on various climate issues. The Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE) at UC Berkeley Law and the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA Law are partnering on an event to discuss how subnational governments can leverage the coming “3 Revolutions” in shared, electric, and automated transportation to meet climate goals:

Transportation technologies are evolving rapidly, and the course of their evolution will determine whether greenhouse gas emissions dramatically increase or drop as a result. Which outcome we see in the future depends on our policy decisions in the present. The driving question of this session will be: What policies will steer the 3 Revolutions toward climate goals? This event will empower states, regions, and cities with policy tools needed to harness these revolutions to reduce climate emission.

The session will run from 2 to 5:30pm at 555 Market St. in San Francisco (+ Google Map) and will be immediately followed by an evening reception through 7:30pm. The agenda is available, and you can register here ($15).

The law centers are pleased to co-organize the event with:

  • UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, the Environment, and the Economy & the Institute of Transportation Studies
  • Uber
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Georgetown Climate Center

The event is also co-sponsored by Bank of America as part of the grant-funded Climate Change and Business Series.

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