Methane From Oil and Gas Operations, Update

Another Trump Rollback

A quick and depressing update to my post yesterday about methane emissions from oil and gas operations.  According to the NY Times, the Trump administration “will aim to eliminate federal requirements that oil and gas companies install technology to inspect for and fix methane leaks from wells, pipelines and storage facilities.”  This, to use a legal term, is moronic.  The oil and gas industry did not request the rollback and doesn’t need it.  They can sell the captured methane and cover the cost of the capture technology.

It does underscore my point, however.  Climate solutions exist, but implementation is hard.  It is especially hard when climate deniers run the federal government.  California and other states will continue to enforce methane capture requirements, and, ironically, the oil industry lead Oil and Gas Climate Initiative will continue its effort to reduce methane emissions.  But on one of the most obvious and financially viable set of actions to curb greenhouse gases and the impacts of climate change, we are about to take a big step further towards the cliff.