Citations for environmental and energy law scholars 2021

The most-cited environmental and energy law professors from 2016-2020

Brian Leiter at Chicago is once again doing his occasional series identifying the top cited legal scholars in the United States in a range of substantive areas. As I did the last time Leiter posted these totals, I thought it might be helpful to our readers to have a list that is focused on US scholars who work substantially or primarily on environmental and energy law. Like prior years, I haven’t separated out scholars whose work is not primarily in environmental law, but still have a significant impact on the field, because almost all environmental and energy law scholars could be characterized as working in other areas of law, given the interdisciplinary nature of the work. I also differ from Leiter in including scholars who are currently in government service in my totals.

All the caveats that Leiter has indicated about the utility of looking at cite counts apply here. In particular, I also want to emphasize that citations are only a partial and imperfect measure of scholarship, which in turn is only a partial measure of what environmental and energy law professors do. Thanks to Jonathan Adler at Case Western, who did much of the initial legwork on compiling cite counts, though I filled in some gaps and take responsibility for any errors.   I used the same basic methodology as Leiter, and these are citations from 2016-2020, inclusive. If any readers identify any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments or by email.


Rank Faculty First Name Faculty Last Name School Cite count
1 Cass Sunstein Harvard 4630
2 Thomas Merrill Columbia 1400
3 Dan Farber Berkeley 1180
4 Richard Revesz NYU 760
5 Jody Freeman Harvard 690
6 Jonathan Adler Case Western 640
6 Richard Pierce GWU 640
8 Jeffrey Rachlinski Cornell 560
8 Richard Stewart NYU 560
10 Richard Lazarus Harvard 530
10 JB Ruhl Vanderbilt 530
12 Cary Coglianese Penn 460
13 Jim Rossi Vanderbilt 410
14 Rob Glicksman GWU 390
14 Tom McGarity Texas 390
14 Sidney Shapiro Wake Forest 390
17 Wendy Wagner Texas 380
18 Mike Livermore Virginia 370
18 Jed Purdy Columbia 370
20 Vicki Been NYU 360
21 Lisa Heinzerling Georgetown 350
21 Doug Kysar Yale 350
21 David Spence Texas 350
24 Michael Blumm Lewis and Clark 340
25 Robin Kundis Craig USC 330
26 Michael Gerrard Columbia 320
27 Eric Biber Berkeley 290
27 Nina Mendelson Michigan 290
27 Jim Salzman UCLA 290
27 Michael Vandenbergh Vanderbilt 290



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  1. Congratulations Professors Farber and Biber.

    The human race most urgently needs spokespersons to inform, educate and motivate the peoples of the world to protect our environment and perpetuate an acceptable quality of life for all future generations.

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