Congrats to Ann Carlson on Taking Top Post at NHTSA

Steve Cliff returns to California ARB

Ann CarlsonBelated congratulations to our UCLA Law colleague Ann Carlson on taking the top post at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Ann has been on leave from UCLA since being appointed as NHTSA’s chief counsel in 2021.  She was recently tapped to be the Acting Administrator of the agency, filling the role that Steve Cliff left to return to California as Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board.

As many of our readers know, NHTSA is responsible for (among other things) setting fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks.  Those standards yield huge consumer cost savings and environmental benefits.  NHTSA is also helping to shepherd a range of advanced vehicle technologies, including EVs and autonomous vehicles.  Many thanks to Ann for her work at NHTSA.  (If you’re reading this, Ann, we’re keeping your LP blogging spot warm for you.)

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