Jenny Helfrich

UC Berkeley School of Law

Climate Research Fellow


Jennifer Helfrich is a Research Fellow in the Climate Program at CLEE. Jennifer’s research focuses on climate change, clean transportation, and clean energy policies in international, national, and subnational jurisdictions.
Prior to joining CLEE, Jennifer managed policy advocacy, outreach, and research for Western and Midwest regions of the United States as well as cross-state transportation and building decarbonization campaigns for the Ceres State Policy program. In this work she coordinated and amplified the voice of the business community to build support for renewables, energy efficiency, and clean transportation in state legislatures, governors’ offices, and regulatory agencies. Before Ceres, Jennifer worked for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the San Francisco School District on energy efficiency programs, solar incentives, conservation management, and clean energy education. Previously, Jennifer was a researcher at the Technische Universität Berlin. She co-authored comparative research on US and German policies for renewable energy and environmental impact assessment and is a contributing author for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report with the Mitigation Working Group on Transportation.
M.P.P., Harvard Kennedy School (2017), Roy Family Fellow with the Belfer Center’s Environment and Natural Resources Program, Switzer Fellow
B.A., University of California Santa Cruz (2010), magna cum laude

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