Al Gore

Alberta, Open Sewers and the Keystone Pipeline

Al Gore raised the hackles of the Canadian government this week when he criticized the country’s large scale extraction of oil from the Alberta tar sands.  The tar sand oil reserves are among the world’s largest but are particularly energy intensive to extract.  That means that extracting oil that will then be burned will emit significantly …


A Friendly Note to Richard Muller

Richard Muller is a Berkeley physicist who has expressed skepticism over the integrity of some climate science.  For example, he suggested that the famous hockey stick might be a distortion because the only sources with temperature readings that go back far enough in time might be located near heat sources. Not surprisingly, climate deniers and their political …


Public Focus on Climate Change Slow to Develop, Hard to Sustain

The date was August 4, 1977, and Congressman Peter Rodino inserted, in the Congressional Record, an article from the New York Times that had run a week earlier.  The Times article reflected on the Carter Administration’s effort to encourage the greater of coal as a power plant fuel.  The Times said: “The National Academy of …


Shocking News About the Fossil Fuel Industry

Guess what? The fossil fuel industry has been deliberately lying to the public about climate change.  According to the Washington Post: “The Global Climate Coalition, a group of representatives of the oil, auto and coal industries, spent years telling the public that the link between human activity and climate change was too uncertain to justify …


Do as I say, not as I do

Scientists are often in the news complaining that governments are not doing enough to solve environmental problems, especially the problem of climate change.   But some scientific stonethrowers own houses may be made of glass.   In the latest issue of Environmental Science and Technology, staff scientist Evan Mills of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory writes that the …


A republican moment on climate change? Maybe not yet

The environmental community has been understandably excited about the prospect of finally getting U.S. legislative action in light of the popularity of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, the development of a public consensus on the reality of global warming, the election of Barack Obama, and strong Democratic majorities in both House and Senate.  That optimism, …