Amazon’s New Urban Headquarters Could Flip A Red State To Blue

A city-state rundown on how an influx of Democratic-leaning tech workers could impact swing states like Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Bob below who pointed out that the employee numbers from the San Francisco Chronicle that I used to make the calculations below have since been significantly revised downward.  As Geekwire reports, the numbers I cited were for Amazon company-wide, not just Seattle. In fact, Amazon employees 40,000 in Washington state, not …


Good News from the Amazon

Recent satellite studies indicate a major decrease in the rate of deforestation in the Amazon.  The journal Science reports: The Brazilian government says that a preliminary survey by a low-resolution satellite shows that deforestation in the Amazon declined by 47.5% over the past 12 months. The figure is the largest decline since measurements began in …


Clearing Title (and Rain Forest)

On Friday, the day Waxman-Markey passed the U.S. House, another significant legal development took place — one that may also bear on climate change.  President Lula of Brazil signed a bill providing legal title to squatters on Amazon land.  Opponents argue that it will spark speculation in Amazonian property and increase deforestation.