Green Groups and Corporate Sustainability

Environmental NGOs sometimes partner with business, sometimes administer “tough love.”

Much of what environmental groups do involves the government: lobbying Congress, participating in rulemakings, and suing when all else fails. But there is also an interesting story to be told of how these groups relate to the corporate world. Sometimes they play the good cop, forming partnership with companies; sometimes the bad cop, trashing the …


Apple Announces It’s 100% Renewable (sort of)

A significant voluntary achievement, but no substitute for policy action.

On Monday, Apple made big headlines by announcing that “its global facilities are powered with 100 percent clean energy.” This is a major milestone, and it includes the company’s own renewable generation capacity of 626 megawatts—expected to increase to 1,400 megawatts when projects currently under construction are completed. This is enough generation capacity to power …


What Steve Jobs Could Teach Us About Land Use and Transit Planning

Lessons for making urban spaces great from the celebrated entrepreneur

Steve Jobs died in 2011, but his life experience, as related by biographer Walter Isaacson, offers some important lessons for today’s transit and urban development practitioners. I just finished reading the biography and was struck — like many others — by what a notoriously awful person he was to those around him. Part of the …


Apple’s China Problem

There has been an interesting confluence of stories in the press about Apple as the release of iPhone 5 approaches this week.  The New York Times recently ran a story, entitled “You Love Your iPhone, Literally,” about how test subjects looking at sounds and images of the iPhone exhibited heightened activity in the parts of …


New Legal Planet iPhone/iPad app provides easy mobile access to blog

I know many of you wake up daily wondering whether there might ever be a way to bring Legal Planet directly to your iPhone or iPad, with features such as push notifications, easy scanning and scrolling of recent content, designation of unread and previously-read posts, saving of favorites, and easy emailing of posts to friends …