Barbara Boxer

California’s internecine water war

Dianne Feinstein versus Barbara Boxer; maximizing water deliveries versus protecting the environment

If you thought California was immune to the season of political craziness, think again. California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer were elected to the Senate together in 1992. They are usually on the same side, but not always. Water is one of the issues on which they often part company. Feinstein is a water …


Dueling California Drought Relief Bills Debated on Capitol Hill

Stark Differences Emerge Between Competing House and Senate Bills

What can and should the federal government do to assist the State of California in weathering the worst drought in recorded state history? While the U.S. House of Representatives is embroiled in a chaotic political debate over selection of a new House Speaker, the more deliberate consideration of new legislation continues apace in the Senate. …


The Los Angeles River and GOP Ideology: Everybody Wins!

A few years ago, I heard Bruce Babbitt here at UCLA describe the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as “just a terrible agency.” Then he repeated it, just to make sure that we all heard him. When a politician does something like that, you know that he’s reached the end of his rope. The Los …


When streamlining environmental review really means undermining it

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has unanimously endorsed S 601, the Water Resources Development Act of 2013. Although it’s nice to see some bipartisanship in the capitol — S 601 is co-sponsored by Committee chair Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and ranking minority member David Vitter (R-LA) — the bill as approved by the Committee …


Major Progress on Climate Legislation

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this one: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) announced today that is reconsidering his long-held position that climate change represents “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”  Oklahoma is currently suffering under the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, and thousands of farmers across the state have gone bankrupt.  “The …


Will Estrogen Save the Planet?

At least some researchers think so.  According to a new study in Social Science Research, “controlling for other factors, in nations where women’s status is higher, CO2 emissions are lower.” Study coauthors Christina Ergas and Richard York, sociologists at the University of Oregon, write: even when controlling for a variety of measures of “modernization,” world-system …


Election review: what message did voters send about the environment, and how will politicians react?

It’s natural, in reflecting on the recent election, to ask whether and to what extent the results reflect public values about protection of the environment.  (Well, at least for me, since I spend my time thinking about these things.)  My answer: not much.  But the election’s impacts on environmental issues will still be significant. While …


Funny, It Doesn’t Look Bluish

The initial results in California last night make it seem like a sane drop of blue in the country.  Jerry Brown won for Governor; Barbara Boxer was re-elected; and Proposition 23, which would have reversed the state’s landmark climate change law, was resoundingly defeated.  Voters also approved Proposition 25, which allows the state budget to be …


Barbara Boxer and the Environment

This is the fourth and final installment in a series about the environmental views of candidates for major office in California. (The others covered Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, and Boxer’s opponent Carly Fiorina.) Boxer’s environmental views are easy to summarize: she’s very green.  Her campaign site lists a long list of environmental accomplishments.  It’s also …


More Bad News on Climate: Boxer is in Deep Trouble

Barbara Boxer has been a US Senator for 18 years.  She is chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, and is a real environmental hero.  If we ever get a climate bill, she will have a lot to do with it. And she is also in deep political trouble. Take a look at …