Bill O’Reilly

Surprise! Bill O’Reilly Says Trump Should Accept the Paris Agreement

No, this isn’t a hoax, and I didn’t find it on the Onion. Seriously.

Bill O’Reilly has said on Fox News that Trump should accept the Paris Agreement because “it’s not that big a deal” and ‘it would buy good will.”  When I read this, my first thought was that it was somebody’s idea of a joke, or was just some of that fake Internet news that we’ve all heard …


On the Nature of “Stuff”

In celebrating National Schadenfreude Day yesterday, I could not help noticing Bill O’Reilly’s complex analysis of the election returns: “Voters want things. They want stuff. Who’s going to give them stuff? Obama.” Well.  Actually, the government has given the wealthy “stuff” all the time.  It gives them a whole plethora of specific tax breaks and credits.  …