California car standards

States Rally Around Renewables

States have ignored Trump to promote clean energy within their borders.

CLEE published a survey of state energy policies through 2017.  The trend toward renewables has continued in 2018. Even after nearly two years of the Trump Presidency, states haven’t given up. Instead, they’re moving forward aggressively. If anything, Trump seems to have stimulated these states to try even harder. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s …


Watered Down Standards at the TRUMP CAFÉ

Here are the FAQs about Trump’s proposed rollback.

Trump is proposing to gut CO2 standards for cars, freezing 2020 CAFE fuel-efficiency standards in place for years to come.  Without the freeze, the standards would automatically ramp up. He also wants to eliminate California’s ability to set its own standards, which many other states have opted to adopt. Here are seven key questions about …