China’s use of coal

News from a Warming World

Coal versus wind power; China’s air; poll results; Ted Cruz; arctic ice.

There’s been a lot of interesting environmental news recently, much of which seems to have gotten little notice. The topics range from U.S. wind power (growing) to U.S. coal power and Arctic sea ice (both shrinking), with a bit of Ted Cruz to spice things up. Here’s the round-up: Out with coal, in with wind. The …


China’s Growth in Energy Usage Truly Alarming

Cara blogged earlier this week about the fact that U.S. emissions were down “a whopping 7 % in 2009.”  Just when you might have been thinking that we are headed in the right direction on the climate change front, today’s New York Times has a distressing story about Chinese emissions.  The take home point: Coal-fired electricity …