climate change and extreme events

I’ll Just Be Over Here In My Fallout Shelter

The Green New Deal may be ambitious, but it’s not alarmist.

It would be impossible to react to every piece of misinformation or poor reporting about climate change—let alone every misguided opinion editorial—that lives online today, but Bret Stephens’ February 15 piece in the New York Times strikes me as warranting a response.  That’s not because of the clickbait title (“Is Nancy Pelosi A Climate Skeptic?” …


The Shape of Things to Come

The American Meteorological Society has released a report about the link between recent extreme events and climate change.  Such attribution studies are very tricky, since natural variability is high.  The most that can usually be said is that events of a certain magnitude have become more likely with climate change.  The AMS report reflects a …


Heating Up the Eurozone

The EU has issued a new report about climate impacts.  The picture is mixed, with some good news (warmer winters in the Northern and Eastern Europe) but bad news in other respects.  The report has this to say about some disaster risks: Increases in health risks associated with river and coastal flooding are projected in …