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No More “Global Warming”

In his ERG Lecture last week, John Holdren made an excellent point about terminology.  The term “Global Warming” is totally misleading.  “Warming” suggests a gradual, gentle process.  Combined with the term “global,” it suggests that the main concern is the increase in average global temperatures. As Holdren pointed out, this is all quite misleading:  (1) …


Obama to Go to Copenhagen

Greenwire reports; President Obama will attend U.N. global warming negotiations in Copenhagen on Dec. 9, according to a White House aide. The White House also confirmed today that Obama will propose that the United States plans to curb its emissions by 2020 in the range of 17 percent below 2005 levels — which is the …


Could Obama have wrung China climate concessions from Hu in Italy? We’ll never know

Jonathan’s recent post about the intersection of religion and environmentalism failed to foreshadow the most important way in which religion may have impacted environmental policymaking this week: by scuttling key climate talks associated with the G8 meeting in Italy.  As reported here, the meeting succeeded in securing a pledge from G8 nations to reduce their …