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Republicans & Climate Change — It’s Not About the Facts

Giving Republicans more facts just makes them more hostile.

There’s been a lot of work on how to more effectively communicate about climate change with skeptical audiences.  A new study indicates that such efforts may actually backfire: simply hearing about the evidence, regardless of how the issue is framed, makes Republicans even more opposed.  The researcher suggests instead that we focus on persuading Independents and …


How To Mobilize Public Support for Environmental Protection

To be politically sustainable, environmental law needs grassroots support.  Joan Blades, one of the founders of Move-On, recently spoke at Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group about her thoughts on political mobilization.  It’s well-worth a look. [youtube=]  


Speaking Truth to GOPers

A study coming out of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication has some interesting insights into methods of communication that might work with Republicans: Efficacy—the belief that individuals can make a difference in climate change—positively predicted both belief and attitudes. . . . It is thus highly likely—though perhaps at first counterintuitive—that …


The GOP Candidates on Energy (and Environment)

I’ve taken this information from the websites of some of the Republican contenders.  What they say about their policies and records may not be exactly objective, but it’s interesting to see how they’d like to be perceived on environment and energy.  Here are four takeaway points: Republican primary voters apparently don’t care very much about …


EPA Takes the First Step

The  NY Times has a story about EPA’s climate change regs that doesn’t contain anything newsworthy but does get the facts right.  The key facts are these: 1.  EPA has little choice about regulating given the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Clean Air Act in 2007. “With Mr. Obama’s hand forced by the mandates of …