Dan Kammen

Energy and Development

Readers of this blog may be interested in a new blog by my ERG colleague Dan Kammen.  Dan is currently on leave from Berkeley to head the Clean Tech effort at the World Bank as the Bank’s Chief Technical Specialist for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Recent subjects range from cook stoves in Africa to …


Kammen to be Energy Envoy

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named Dan Kammen as a Senior Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) Fellow to advise Western Hemisphere governments on clean energy issues. As one of the first ECPA fellows, Kammen, the Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor in UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group will consult with and offer …


From Our Far Flung Correspondents: Copenhagen Day 2

A Berkeley Ph.D student in the Energy and Resources program writes: Day 2’s blog will be brief, since it’s already after midnight Denmark time.  It’s been a very good day, and my brain is once again full, and ready for bed.  Today started with three plenary speakers, including our ERG’s own Dan Kammen plus Prof. …