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Can The Major Questions Doctrine Break The Debt Ceiling?

NAGE’s New Lawsuit Makes A Strong Case That It Can

Last week I argued that a lawsuit from a private party challenging the debt ceiling would be a good way to break the impasse between President Biden and GOP terrorists. Well, as it turns out, someone has done just that, although not on my account. This lawsuit is better than my idea, I think, because …


How to Solve the Debt Ceiling Standoff? Sue Janet Yellen

A lawsuit by a federal debtholder could take the terrorists’ bombs from them.

We are now just a few weeks away from the House GOP blowing up the world and national economy, with awful environmental consequences as well.. At this point, it’s quite obvious what their strategy is: crash the global economy, and then blame President Biden for it. They aren’t interested in a deal, as even the …


Murkowski May Have Another Tactic to Defeat Climate Change Legislation

As Holly previously described, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has introduced a resolution to express disapproval over the EPA’s greenhouse gas endangerment finding.  Murkowski is also considering a different tactic to wreak havoc with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.    She may introduce an amendment to the Senate bill to raise the debt ceiling.  The amendment would force an up or …