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(Energy) Independence Day

A post in which I surprise readers — and myself — with strong praise for George W. Bush.

The only way to achieve energy independence is to achieve independence from fossil fuels. That’s not something we can achieve overnight, but the closer we come, the better — for our health, our national security, and the world.


See You at the Ribbon Cutting

Solar panel array in CA desert

Republicans think clean energy is terrible and woke and they also want more of it.

“You know, I’ve joined many of you on the groundbreakings . . . And as I told my Republican friends, we’ll even do their districts too.  (Laughter.)  And I’ll be there for the ribbon cutting.  (Laughter.)” That was President Biden tweaking the GOP members of Congress who had all voted against the Inflation Reduction Act …


A Mighty Wind

The Great Plains are wind power’s firewall of Republican support in Congress.

You might find this a bit surprising, but wind power has a solid political base in key Republican states. It’s a case of economics outweighing politics. Here are the top five states for wind power: Rank    State            Installed Capacity* 1          Texas             20,320 2          Iowa                …


Public Opinion and Energy Politics

Pew published some intriguing polling results on energy issues just before Christmas. Americans have clearly noticed falling prices at the gas pump, but only half realize that U.S. oil and gas production has soared.  So far, the changes haven’t affected policy views: a large majority favors expanding use of alternative energy, but solid majorities continue …