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Environmental Law in US Law Schools

There are strong programs in schools up and down the pecking order.

Although I’ve taught environmental law for a long time, my knowledge of the programs at U.S. law schools is pretty hit or miss. In the hope of finding out more,  I did a quick survey of U.S. schools.  The results make it clear that environmental law has a foothold at law schools of all kinds. …


Environmental Law and the Two-Year Law School

The NY Times reports that Obama has endorsed the idea of two-year law schools: On Friday, he questioned the utility of a third year of classes and suggested that students use their final two semesters to gain work experience. “In the first two years, young people are learning in the classroom,” Mr. Obama said. “The …


Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Programs on the West Coast and in the Southwest

Environmental law programs on the West Coast and in the Southwest — basically, the states in the Ninth Circuit — are very active in public service.  Here are some examples: A continuing legal education program for lawyers on energy and environment. A natural resources clinic that participates in administrative proceedings before federal lands agencies. A …


Law Schools in the Public Interest: Environmental Programs in the South

I’ve been struck by how much environmental law programs are doing to advance the public interest.  Without purporting to do a complete survey, I thought it would still be illuminating to provide five or ten examples from different parts of the country. Today, I’m going to start with the South.  Although the South is probably …


Give to the Environmental Law Program of Your Choice, But Give!

Environmental law programs are worthy of your support because of their unique blend of teaching, research, and public service.  They educate future environmental leaders, generate new solutions to environmental problems, and engage with policy makers, courts, and the public. To begin with, environmental law programs train the lawyers who will represent governments, businesses, and public …


Choosing a Law School — Advice for Future Environmental Lawyers

I get asked fairly often for advice on choosing a law school, and I thought it might be worth offering some ideas in a more public setting.  Here are some thoughts you might consider as you’re looking for a place to study environmental law. Program Rankings.  Berkeley does well in the U.S. News ranking of …