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Trump’s Environmental Budget

The proposal to Congress was released today. It’s very bad news.

I’ve been posting budget news as it has come out.  Now that we have Trump’s proposal, I’ve replaced all the earlier information with the official numbers in this version.  The bottom line: the budget would be a disaster for the environment, for science, and for the country.   The general philosophy behind the budget was …


Env. Budget Update

The budget is an unfolding story. It’s not looking any better right now.

Because budget news comes in stages, I’m planning to periodically update this post. Here’s what we know as of now. Material since the last update is in green. Environmental Science. I have posted previously about the threat to scientific research posed by the Trump Administration. The Administration’s attack on environmental science – climate science in particular – …


Trump’s Budget Cuts: Even Worse Than You Thought

As you dive into the details, things keep looking worse.

Trump is proposing huge cuts to EPA and other agencies. That’s bad enough. We’re beginning to learn more details, and the message is grim.  While these cuts may not emerge from Congress at the end of the day, they do express the Administration’s goals. In particular, they demonstrate that the Administration is deeply hostile to environmental science and …


Ambivalence Toward Environmental Scientists

Two seemingly unrelated stories on the NY Times webpage reveal the strangely conflicted place of scientists in today’s society.  One story reveals our respect for those who, despite difficult circumstances, dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.  That story is about Samantha Garvey, a homeless teenager who has found recognition for her study of the …


Green Tweets

Donald Smith has put together a list of environmental tweeters worth following, including environmental scientists, other scientists with environmental interests, media folks, and environmental groups.  For that matter, you can also follow my blog posts via @dfarber if for some reason that’s easier than using the Legal Planet website to keep track.  I have to …