EPA climate regulations

The Legal Underpinnings of EPA’s Climate Rules

The Clean Air Act is a formidably technical and complex statute — I often tell my students that it’s like the Internal Revenue Code except not as clearly written. But even those who know the statute may have been surprised by a couple of provisions that EPA is using to address greenhouse gases.


What to Expect This Year in Terms of Climate Action

Although there will be many flashing lights and loud noises, 2011 will primarily be a year in which various events that are already in play evolve toward major developments in 2012. Litigation. The one exceptional major development in 2011 will be American Electric Power (AEP) v. Connecticut, the climate nuisance case that the Supreme Court …


GOP, Dems, and Energy Policy

I took a look at the Democratic and Republican parties to see what they had to say about the issues.  Given that the Republicans are set to gain ground in the upcoming election, this could help see where potential exists for policy changes. Republicans: Stress goal of energy independence.  In addition to renewables, favor nuclear, …