EPA enforcement

Toxic Releases? Botched Drug Trials? — Not a Problem, in this Administration

The Trump Administration has essentially dropped enforcement of environmental laws and clinical trial requirements.

The easiest way to gut regulations is simply to stop enforcing them. That tried and true technique has been enthusiastically embraced by the Trump Administration.  That’s been long suspected in terms of environmental law. Shockingly, the Administration has also mostly given up on enforcing the standards for conducting clinical drug trials. The breakdown in FDA …


Mapping EPA Enforcement

EPA has posted a new google map of its enforcement efforts.  It’s pretty easy to use — for example, with a few clicks, I found a $117,000 fine against California Waste Solutions in Berkeley for a water pollution violation.  Check it out, and learn what’s happening in your neighborhood.


Two New EPA Nominees

The President announced two new EPA choices:  Cynthia Giles as chief of enforcement, and   Michele DePass as EPA’s assistant administrator for international affairs. Cynthia Giles is a Berkeley Law grad.    She is currently the vice president and director of the Conservation Law Foundation’s Rhode Island Advocacy Center,  focusing on state and regional programs …