Federal Climate Policy

Why the Feds Should Pay the Administrative Costs of Implementing AB 32

There’s been a lot of discussion of whether Prop 26 interferes with the use of fees to pay the administrative expenses for AB 32.  I would like to suggest an alternative solution: the Feds should pick up the tab.  This may seem a little far-fetched, given the current political situation, but it makes real sense …


No national renewable energy goals? Don’t try to tell that to the Pentagon.

The heat wave that has smothered the Eastern seaboard like a heavy, sweaty blanket has apparently done nothing to inspire the U.S. Senate to pass a climate bill, or take major steps on the energy front. Insiders report that Harry Reid’s “stripped down” energy bill will not only dodge the climate debate, but it will …


Utilities-Only Carbon Cap

The proposed utilities-only cap-and-trade system could be a step in the right direction, although it’s far from ideal.


Comment Period for Endangerment Finding Expires Tomorrow

GOP lawmakers and industry sources have requested unsuccessfully that the comment period be extended. Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Mass. v. EPA, it has been clear that EPA would have to make a finding one way or another, so everyone has been on notice for a long time that this was coming. Moreover, if …


Both Sides are Right on Waxman-Markey

Cara asks what people think about the Waxman-Markey bill.  It seems clear to me that both sides are right.  And no, this isn’t a case of realism versus idealism. Waxman-Markey might be the strongest thing that can get through Congress right now.  And even that might be over-optimistic: Waxman can move the thing through the …


Bridging a Browner-Summers Gap?

Much has been made about a potential feud between White House Economic Advisor Larry Summers and White House Energy and Climate Advisor Carol Browner over how fast to cut carbon emissions. Summers has been vocal in expressing concerns over the economic effects of a tough climate policy. Browner, by contrast, is a strong advocate for …