Food and Agriculture Organization

Africa in 2050

The continent will face vast challenges. Dealing with them is a global priority.

Take explosive population growth, acute vulnerability to future climate change, and social vulnerability.  Stir well and bake. That’s a recipe for trouble. It’s also Africa in 2050. Overcoming the resulting problems is among humanity’s greatest challenges. Currently, 490 million Africans live below the extreme poverty level ($2/day per person). The number is rising but the …


Waiter, What’s This Fly Doing In My Soup?

This is the sort of thing that gives environmentalism a bad name: The UN has new weapons to fight hunger, boost nutrition and reduce pollution, and they might be crawling or flying near you right now: edible insects. The Food and Agriculture Organization on Monday hailed the likes of grasshoppers, ants and other members of …


Giving Thanks to Whom? And How?

Thanksgiving is often thought of as America’s unique secular holiday.  That’s somewhat ironic, because the very name of the day suggests an external power, force, or being to whom we give thanks.  But Thanksgiving also carries with it important environmental implications, because we are also celebrating the bounty of the earth. In a recent essay, …


Awaiting bad news on international fisheries

Early this month, I posted about WWF’s report on the dismal state of compliance with the FAO’s voluntary Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Now Rebecca Bratspies notes on IntLawGrrls that FAO is scheduled to release its biennial report on the state of the world’s fisheries on March 2, and that “[t]he news is not …