Genetically modified organisms

Could FDA’s Approval of GMO Salmon Actually Be Good for the Environment?

Farmed GMO fish could help reduce pressures on wild stocks.

FDA has — after more than two decades of consideration — approved the marketing of genetically modified salmon in the U.S.  As the NY Times reports, this decision has had push-back from the quarters you might expect . Says one critic:  “This unfortunate, historic decision disregards the vast majority of consumers, many independent scientists, numerous members …


Do GMO Salmon Pose an Environmental Threat?

GMO fish are one step closer to sale in the U.S., reports the LA Times: After more than a decade in regulatory limbo, genetically engineered Atlantic salmon that grow faster than their naturally born counterparts moved closer to American plates, with the publication Friday of a government report that found the fish wouldn’t hurt the …


GMOs and German Constitutional Law

The German Constitutional Court has issued an opinion upholding severe restrictions on the use of genetically modified plants. Science reports: “With the possibility to deliberately make changes in the genome, genetic engineering influences the elementary structures of life,” the court wrote. “The consequences of such interventions can be, if any, difficult to undo.” The court …


A Beet Generation

On Friday, a federal judge revoked USDA’s approval of Roundup-ready sugar beets.  Sugar beets are planted on ten million acres in ten states.  The order was based on USDA’s failure to perform an environmental impact statement prior to the approval.  Given that USDA’s raison d’etre is promoting agribusiness, it’s not surprising that environmental concerns are …