Glenn Beck

A Friendly Note to Richard Muller

Richard Muller is a Berkeley physicist who has expressed skepticism over the integrity of some climate science.  For example, he suggested that the famous hockey stick might be a distortion because the only sources with temperature readings that go back far enough in time might be located near heat sources. Not surprisingly, climate deniers and their political …


Dim Bulbs

It’s good to know that there’s still someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the use of obsolete technologies and the right of every citizen to overpay for electricity.


Herein of Regulatory “Czars”

Some conservatives like Glenn Beck are now raising alarms about the power of “czars” within the Obama White House.   Although the rhetoric is ridiculous, there is a serious question here.  A long-term trend has been for Presidents to exert more centralized control over the bureaucracy, and as a practical matter that control has to be …