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The Health Care Cases: Instant Uninformed Reaction!!

1)  Wow.  On the specific issue here, I’ll take it. 2)  Environmental lawyers will need to look at this decision very carefully.  From an initial very quick parsing, it appears as if Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion has cut back the scope of Commerce Clause authority and under the Necessary and Proper Clause as well as …


Health Care Reform could help the environment

As Streetsblog noted, the newly-passed health care reform contains some grant money for nonprofits, Indian Tribes, and state and local governments to promote increased physical exercise and to create “the infrastructure to support active living.” Overall, this provision could provide local governments with extra money they desperately need to create more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly land …


And You Think Health Care Is Controversial?

In watching the insanity of the debate over health care reform in the past couple of weeks I can’t help but wonder what the debate over climate change legislation will bring.  Lest you think the right wing opponents of health care reform can’t be beat in their intensity and rhetorical outrage, consider the following two …