A Total Eclipse of the Heat

The eclipse mania gripping U.S. media and the entire nation is an opportunity to gaze in awe at the climate crisis we’ve unleashed and talk about our collective response.

Millions of Americans traveled this week to the path of totality to hunker down with loved ones and total strangers to gaze upwards at one of the most amazing astronomical events of our lives and share something like a transcendent, spiritual experience. I hope we can collectively reckon with another terrifyingly awesome atmospheric event: the …


Insuring Extreme Heat Risks: Q+A with CA Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

Insurance Commissioner answers questions on insurance and extreme heat issues

Yesterday, CLEE released Insuring Extreme Heat Risks, which investigates the potential for insurance and other financial risk transfer mechanisms to address the multi-faceted and growing risks that climate change-related extreme heat poses to public health, infrastructure, educational and labor productivity, and other vital systems. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, who provided vital support for the report …


Addressing Extreme Heat Risk with Insurance

New report assesses potential for innovative insurance solutions to support response and mitigation

This past summer, California suffered through a record heat wave with triple-digit temperatures throughout the state that helped spark the record-setting wildfires that left millions of acres burned, thousands of people displaced, dozens dead or missing, and millions breathing toxic air. But extreme heat is a climate killer in its own right, responsible for thousands …


UCLA and City of Los Angeles Publish First-Ever Detailed Long-Term Climate Forecast for a City’s Neighborhoods

A team led by UCLA researcher Dr. Alex Hall has released a study that projects temperature trends by neighborhood within the Los Angeles region for the mid-21st century.  The report is the most sophisticated regional study of climate trends that has ever been developed, and is based on climate modeling two orders of magnitude higher …


When Can We Attribute Extreme Events to Climate Change?

Moscow suffered from a severe heat wave in the summer of 2010, with temperatures reaching 101 degrees and an average temperature 14 degrees higher than normal for July.  What are the odds that the heat wave was due to climate change? RealClimate presents the results of an analysis that was just published in the Proceedings …