House Republicans

The House Takes Aim at EPA Regulation of Power Plant Pollution

Last week, the House passed HR 1582 on a 232-181 vote.  The law is designed to restrict EPA regulation of power plants, but the House also adopted an amendment that takes a swipe at environmental economists. HR 1582  is mercifully brief and to the point.  When EPA proposes a rule that would impose over $1 billion …


The War Against the Environment

Using the pretext of saving jobs, the GOP has embarked on the biggest campaign against the environment in modern history.


Can Obama’s Car Emissions Deal Work for Utilities?

Politico ran a little noticed article last week suggesting that the nation’s utilities are exploring whether they can cut a deal with the Obama Administration to regulate their greenhouse gas emissions.   The idea is to model a deal after the plan the car companies entered into with the Obama Administration to extend California’s car …