Ons Small Step for Insurers: New Insurance Product for Nanomaterials

Someone has taken the leap in the insurance industry. reported today that Lexington Insurance Company is offering LexNanoShield, a product overing “liability coverage that provides protection for general liability, product liability, product pollution legal liability and product recall liability exposures.”  The coverage, on a claims made basis, is available to nano manufacturers and users.  Coverage …


Insurance in a Complex World

Roger Cook and Carolyn Kousky make some intriguing points in an article in the Summer issue of Resources.  They discuss three problems confronting insurance companies, all of them probably exacerbated by climate change: fat tails, tail dependence, and micro-correlations.  Although the names may not be self-explanatory, these are phenomena with great significance for society’s management …


U.S. state insurance regulators take step toward addressing climate risk

I’ve spent some time over the past two years studying the relationship between the insurance industry and climate change.  Yesterday there was an important development in this area: the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) , the group of state regulators that collectively regulate insurance in the U.S., adopted for the first time a requirement that large insurers …